Cool compact fullWhen you discover the amazing impact of the right cosmetic shades, you’ll see just what a difference this can make.  Your make-up will look more natural, more professional and your face and features better defined; and you can now choose with confidence.  No more playing safe with bland shades, no more unused cosmetics taking up space.

The secret?  I can show you the shades that will flatter your colour pattern, you can apply this advice to cosmetics.  We will select shades from the FI Colour Compact System that will be most flattering for you.

With soft, easy to wear shades for day and stronger options for dressing up, you can create any look you want any time.  The complete flexibility of the magnetic compact system means you can choose just the shades that work for you and when one runs out, you simply replace it – not the whole compact.  You may want to move colours around for travel or evening – so you can travel light.

Most importantly, I will give you friendly, helpful advice and you can try before you buy!

If you would like advice on colours for clothes or make-up, please call me on 077 933 94482.