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Autumn Shopping Wallet for warm skin tones


I am someone who loves clothes and colours!  Instead of wearing the same old thing all the time I wear lots of different colours and styles of clothes.  My problem is I have too many clothes and need to focus on what suits me.

I believe clothes are an expression of your personality, they can give you confidence and make you feel good about yourself.  But I think we are all guilty of choosing clothes because we like the colour rather than because the colour actually looks good on us!

That is where Charlene and Colour4Life comes in.  You can look in magazines and on the Internet but to really understand what colours suit you you need Charlene’s guidance.  It is not until you are sat in front of a mirror with no make up on (the only downside of the experience!) and she places different colours against you that you really see how the colours you wear affect your appearance.  For me I found out that black looks terrible on me!  When put against me my skin looked grey and washed out.  Black has always been my fall back colour so that was a shock!

I have Autumn colouring so creams, browns, orange and greens looked best on me.  When these colours were put against my skin I looked brighter and I just looked better!  It was a revelation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 20.28.12

Julienne Moore – warm autumn skin tones. Looking fabulous in this teal evening gown.

It’s not just clothes

Clothes are not the only focus. Charlene does your make up based on the colours that suit you. For me I finally wanted to get the right foundation to suit my skin tone and her make up tips were brilliant. She teaches you how to complete the look yourself too.

Look good, feel better

After having my colour consultation I feel more confident in what I wear and feel good about myself.  I am gradually removing all the black clothes from my wardrobe and replacing with lovely browns and creams.  So many people have commented that I look different and brighter.  As a busy working mum it was lovely just to focus on me for a while and do something just for me.

So if you feel in a style rut or just want to look the best you can be contact Charlene and book an appointment today!

Claire Chappell