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Often it is hard to think of a new and inventive gift for our Mums for Mother’s Day.  It seems a bit boring to always go for flowers and chocolates!  Do you often wish you could give a present to your Mum that would last longer than a week or so?  Why not buy Colour4Life gift vouchers that you Mum can use to buy any of our services and products.  This includes colour consultations and make up.


A colour consultation changes the way we shop and view colour

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A colour consultation with Colour4Life can change the way you look, feel and shop for the rest of your life. What Mum wouldn’t want that!  A colour analysis is a real treat and a chance for busy, hard working Mums to take time out and pamper themselves for a change.  It can be a real confidence booster for Mums who are always looking after everyone else.

We all have clothers in our wardrobes that we rarely wear, or make up that we have purchased only to realise it doesn’t suit us.  Having the chance to find out what colours suit your skin tone and what make up works best for you makes expensive shopping mistakes and the days of saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ a distant memory!  So rather than buy your Mum a new top or make up that might not be right for her, give her the tools to make shopping a real pleasure.

A colour consultation is an hour and a half session which identifies the colours that enhance skin tone, hair and eye colour.  You will discover the colours that make you look and feel younger, brighter and healthier!

Stuck in a make up rut

It is incredible the difference wearing the right shade of foundation can make to your overall appearance, with many women finding out that they have been wearing the wrong colour for years!  Wearing the right lipstick can also transform your look.  Gift vouchers can be used to purchase any make up from the range.  It may be that your Mum has bought products from Colour4Life before and needs a top up, making our gift vouchers a great choice.

Buy gift vouchers now!

So what are you waiting for?  You can purchase gift vouchers here on the website for any of our products and services.  Purchases can be collected from us to avoid a delivery charge. Please Contact Us for any further information.

So why not make this make this Mother’s Day one to remember. You could make it a family event and have a consultation too!  It’s a great opportunity to spend time together.


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.