Do you have an important wedding this Summer?  You may be the all important mother of the bride or the sister of the groom.  It could be that you will be seeing friends you have not seen for years.  All good reasons why you will want to look your best.  Not only that, in the 24/7 social media world it is likely that you will be tagged in pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  No one wants to look at those photos and cringe!  We know that the bride is the main attraction at a wedding but that doesn’t stop us wanting to look our best in our chosen wedding outfit.colour swatch

It can be stressful wandering round the shops looking at countless dresses and not knowing what to choose.  This is where colour analysis comes in.  By finding out what colours suit your skin tone you can use your colour swatch to find the best outfits for you.  You will be able to discount the colours that don’t work and find the one dress that makes you look fantastic.  If you are an Autumn skin tone, stay away from bright pink!  If you are a winter steer away from orange tones.  This knowledge makes shopping so much easier and ensures that you look good in those all important photos!

Mother of the bride

mother of the brideYour child is getting married!  While this is an exciting time you will no doubt be anxious that you look your best on their big day.  Colour analysis can help you find the colours that suit you and if you know the colour the bridesmaids are wearing we can find colours that co ordinate with them.  We would also look at the makeup that would best suit your skintone and I will give advice on application to ensure you feel confident and fabulous on the big day.  There are so many styles of dresses to choose from, I can help find the right one for you.

Wedding guest style

wedding outfit

Great vintage style dress from French Connection, as seen in Grazia. Great for warm skin tones.

All weddings have a different style, maybe your friend is getting married at a grand country manor or it might be a smart city wedding.  You want your outfit to fit in with your surroundings and you need to consider this when choosing your outfit.  A floaty floral dress will suit a rural setting but not look as good at a sleek city venue.  Also, is the wedding outside?  If you are going to be spending a British Summer’s day in a marquee you may want to think about an appropriate coat/cover up to keep you warm.  Once you know what colours work for you finding an outfit becomes so much easier.  Stores such as John Lewis have a great selection of outfits.  It is important to stay true to your own unique sense of style within the colour spectrum that you shine in.

Here comes the bride

brideLast but no means least if you are a bride this year do you know the right tone of white for you?  A strong white wedding dress will not suit all skin tones, warmer tones would benefit from more of a cream shade.  In addition if you want to follow Kate Middleton’s lead and do your own make up on your big day I can tailor a make up session for you to create your own bridal look.

A wedding is a joyous fun day to celebrate with friends and family.  By having a colour consultation you can enjoy shopping for that all important outfit and feel happy and confident on the day that you look fantastic.  Contact me for more information.