April sees the beginning of Stress Awareness Month.  During April health professionals join forces to raise public awareness of the causes and possible cures for stress.

What causes stress?

We all suffer from stress to some degree.  Some stresses involve huge life changing events such as getting married, moving house, having a baby or suffering a bereavement.  But there are also the everyday worries relating to work, our friends and our children that can build up in our minds, sometimes to a point where they feel like they will overwhelm us. Especially in today’s modern world of constant connectivity it is often hard to switch off.  At the end of the day we can no longer shut the world out because our phones are still beeping with emails and social media updates!

How does stress affect us?

stressEveryone reacts differently to stress, so a situation that one person breezes through may cause significant anxiety to another.  When a stress reaction takes over you can actually lose the ability to solve the issue in hand and it can affect your life and your health dramatically.  Common health issues associated with stress are sleep issues, loss of appetite and difficulty in concentrating.  Thoughts can swim around in your head giving you headaches or muscle pain.

Prolonged emotional stress can lead to a breakdown in health and can increase the need for certain nutrients as it alters your metabolic process.  During times of pressure the nervous system uses extra B complex and C vitamins.  These vitamins are in high demand in our bodies but they often get lost in the cooking process and can easily be wasted by the body as they are water soluble. Therefore it is important they are replenished every day.

What can you do to help?

Unfortunately we cannot eradicate stress from our lives.  There will always be problems that need to be faced so we could all do with finding ways to manage stress and ease the effect it has on our bodies.  Breathing exercises, regular exercise and mindfulness are all useful ways of alleviating the feeling of stress, however there are no quick fixes.

Why not try Nurti-calm?

A great way to help revitalise your body when you are feeling stressed is by using Nutri-calm.  This a a natural product to help your body combat the effects of stress.  When your body goes into the Flight of Fight response mode your body can become depleted of essential vitamins and Nutri-calm can help you stay settled and calm.nutri-calm

Nutri-calm provides plentiful levels of vitamin C and a range of B Complex vitamins and camomile, providing nutrients for your overworked nervous system and brain, replenishing vitamins that have been depleted during stressful situations.  It also contains Biotin which maintains the normal functions of the body’s organ tissues and systems.

Nutri-calm can contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and help you to feel like you again.  It is also yeast and dairy free making it suitable for vegetarians.

It is important that we don’t let stress rule our lives.  We all want to be healthy and happy and be able to deal with everything life throws at us as best we can.  Nutri-calm can become part of your routine to make sure you can face life calmly and confidently.  It can be purchased online from my website or please contact me for more information.