With the trend for a capsule wardrobe grabbing attention, as detailed in last months blog, this month we are turning our attention to your makeup bag.  If you are embracing the capsule concept when it comes to your clothes then you will want your makeup bag to be streamlined too.  Again the focus is on finding out what you really need and what makeup suits you.

Full to the brim makeup bags

Most women have makeup bags dotted around their bedrooms and bathrooms full of various make up products.  The lipstick that was supposed to be the next big thing, the miracle foundation, the eyeshadow palette in a pretty box.  Often these products are half used or so old we can’t even remember when we bought them!  Not only that, there is no way all the different shades of foundation, eye shadows and lipsticks really suit us.  So it’s time to organise your makeup bag so it is no longer full of old, half used products and instead contains a versatile range of products that work for you, meaning you will never make wasteful purchases again.make-up-1376997_1920

If you don’t wear it, bin it!

The first job is to get rid of all the products that are old, expired, broken, damaged or dried up.  Be strict, if you haven’t used it in a long time you don’t need it.  Make sure you find all the makeup lurking in bathroom cupboards and drawers too.  It might be an idea to spread all the products out on your bed to give you a good idea of what you have.  You may be shocked at how many pink lipsticks you have or blushers that you never use!  At this point it is vital to remember you only have one face and there is no need for an endless supply of products!  I know it is hard to throw things away when you have spent money on them but if they are not right for you they will never be used.  If some of the makeup is in good condition you could give to a friend.

Now find out the makeup that is right for you

makeup colour analysisStarting again with your makeup is a great time to find out what really suits you.  A personal colour analysis with me will show you what colours suit you and the make up that best compliments your skin tone.  Alternatively why not come for a one hour makeup lesson where I teach you how to apply makeup properly and show you which makeup products are right for you.  The makeup in your capsule make up bag has to work for you and not follow the latest fad.   You can get rid of all the lipsticks that don’t look right and the foundation that makes you look orange!

So, what makeup products do you need?

Now you need to build up your makeup from your must have daily products.  You must only keep the items that you can’t live without.  The following products can form a capsule makeup bag.

  • Foundation – Did you know there are warm and cool shades of foundation and it depends on your skin tone as to which shade is right for you?
  • Concealer – Again this must suit your skin tone.
  • Eye shadow – This is probably the product you have a lot of, from presents to the latest fad.  It is vital your eyeshadow matches your eyes and skin tone.  Nearly every woman who goes for a makeup consultation in a large store will be recommended brown eyeshadow and although this looks great on people with an autumn skin tone, on a cool complexion it can make you look tired.  Brown is often seen as a safe bet but it isn’t always.  Cool skin tones should stick to blues and pinks with warm skin tones focussing on yellow/gold tones.
  • Eye pencil – The default option for most people with eye pencils is a black or brown.  Although cool skin tones can stick with the black, warmer tones should think about trying a green for a change.  This small change can have a massive impact on your look.
  • Mascara – Again many women do not look past their trusty black mascara, however for warm skin tones brown is a better fit.
  • Blusher – Don’t just go for pink with your blusher.  Cool skin tones do look great in the rose hues but warmer tones should focus more on earthy tones.
  • Lipstick – Your lipstick can set off your look.  A brilliant pink on a Winter skin tone for example can lift a whole look.  For Autumn and Spring colourings corals, peach and copper colours will look fantastic.
  • Lip liner – Don’t forget a lip liner to define your mouth in a suitable colour.

Look great, feel fantastic

Overhauling your makeup bag and discovering what suits you will change your look and the way you feel.  Not only will you get rid of that bulging makeup bag full of old, half used products but by taking the time to find out what really suits you, you can look good at all times and enjoy the confidence that brings.  Just by wearing the right foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick to compliment your complexion can lift your whole look.  You will only have to replace products when they run out rather then making wasteful purchases, which means you can spend more on quality products.  What  are you waiting for, out with the old and in the new!

Contact me to book a makeup lesson or personal colour analysis.