It only feels like a few weeks ago we were digging out our flip flops and Summer clothes for what we hoped would be a scorching hot Summer!  Now, with the evenings already getting darker it is time to transition our clothes from Summer to Autumn/Winter.  This is a great time of year to re-evaluate your wardrobe, take stock and make sure all the clothes in your wardrobe are perfect for the season ahead.  So where do you start?

Out with the old!

With the changing of the season now is the perfect time to reassess your wardrobe.  The best thing to do is to start by getting everything out.  That in itself will probably show you how many clothes you have accumulated!  Take each piece and think about whether you have worn it at all in the last few months.  Ask yourself, does wearing this item bring me joy and make me feel good?  If not, get rid of it.  A good question to ask about each piece is, if you saw it a shop now, would you buy it?  Be brutal, don’t keep things on the off chance you may wear it again.  Sometimes items that were expensive are hard to part with but if you are not wearing it there is no point keeping it.  Think of a friend who might like it and make their day by giving the item a new home.  By getting all your clothes out in this way you may discover you have one too many black t shirts, for example, so it may be time to rethink your basics.  If all you have are black t shirts you could mix things up a bit with greys and browns, depending on your skin tone.

If you feel overwhelmed by this task and just don’t know where to start I can help.  I offer a Wardrobe weeding service. I will help you assess what you have, find any gaps in your clothes and show you how to put outfits together, as well as help you get rid of all the clothes that you don’t need.

So once you have weeded your wardrobe what do you need to do to ensure your wardrobe is Autumn ready?

It’s all about the layers!

It’s tough in Autumn when it’s not quite cold enough for big woolly jumpers but no longer warm enough for short sleeved tops either.  Layering is the key to transitional season dressing.  Long sleeved mesh tops are a great item for this as they are light enough to wear under dresses but not too heavy that you get too hot and can really set off an outfit.  A great cardigan or poncho layered over an outfit can add extra warmth when needed.

autumn poncho autumn cardigan autumn cardigan

Invest in a great scarf

A scarf is another great way to layer an outfit, allowing you to adjust your clothes as the temperature changes.  Wearing the right scarf in the best colours for you can really finish off an outfit, making sure you look stylish and can keep up with the weather!   If you always struggle to make a scarf look right then a snood is a great, easy option.

navy-scarf red-snood-scarf snood-scarf

Don’t just stick to black tights

The change in season is a good time to check on the quality of your tights and buy new ones if they are starting to look tatty.  Don’t just plump for black tights though, think about the colours in your wardrobe and the colours that suit you and maybe experiment with different shades.

Get the right colour winter coatcoat

A Winter coat is a big investment and you will wear it practically every day through the season so it is important that you love it but also that the colour suits your skin tone.  If you are an Autumn or Spring go for a navy or brown option. Or opt for a bright colour to liven up those dark winter nights.

Find out what suits you

If you are re assessing your wardrobe and looking at your Autumn/Winter clothes now is the perfect time to find out what colours suit you and use that information to build up the best wardrobe of clothes for you.  Having a colour consultation can be life changing and would make weeding your wardrobe so much easier and help you find the best winter coat for you.  Knowing the colour palette that suits you will inform all your buying decisions in the future so you never end up with a wardrobe of clothes you don’t wear again.

So wrap up and ensure you go into the new season looking great and feeling fantastic!