Are you a bride planning your big day?  There is so much to think about and spend money on from the flowers to the venue to the dress.  Hiring a make up artist to do your bridal make up can be another expense that you can ill afford.  But actually you may look the best you can, by doing your make up yourself, after some tuition and guidance; and save money too!  I can provide a pre-wedding make up lesson that will teach you about the colours and techniques you will need so you can do your own make up beautifully.

If it’s good enough for royalty!

Take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book.  She is not someone who needed to worry about the cost of her wedding, yet she insisted that she knew her own face and that she didn’t think a make up artist could do a better job. She was rumoured to have had a series of private make up lessons prior to the wedding. On the day Kate chose a smoky eye and a pink blusher that matched her shade of lipstick.  She looked incredible without a professional make up artist.Kate Middleton wedding makeup

You want to still look like yourself on your wedding day but the best version of yourself, more polished.  You don’t want a heavily made up look that looks like you are ready for a night on the town or look so different that your Groom doesn’t recognise you!  Your wedding day is your big moment and all eyes will be on you, you want to feel confident and amazing.

Colour is key

Colour is a vital part of your wedding make up because you need enough colour to compensate for the whiteness of your dress or to compliment your dress if you have chosen a non traditional colour.  Your wedding dress is very different to your everyday clothes and this is where my knowledge and experience of colours and how they will suit your skin tone will be key.  You want to look stylish and eye catching but beware of following the latest trends too closely, remember you will be looking at these photos for a long time!

Which look is right for you?

Bridal MakeupThere are so many looks to choose from and it is important that your bridal make up reflects you. If you wear little or minimal make up then a natural look with cleverly applied neutral tones or an English rose look, which includes soft pinks and a hint of shimmer may be best for you.  This is great if you want to take your classic daytime look to the next level.  A peachy look can be good if you want more than the natural tones.  If you wear more make up day to day or have a distinctive look, such as a retro feel, or you are a fashion forward fashionista, I will guide you on how to create the best result for you.

Many brides find that they are better off doing their own make up as you feel more comfortable and more like you! We all know it can feel a bit strange to have our make up done for us, by doing it yourself but with my advice and tuition you are likely to achieve the best results.

There are lots of make up tips out there.  I can help you create the look that will make you shine on the most important day of your life. Contact me today for more information on my bridal make up tutorials.