Mums have busy lives, often putting everyone in their family before themselves.  This is why Mother’s Day is a brilliant opportunity to say thank you to your Mum for everything they do for you.  However, with so many gifts available, how do you know what to choose?  We think that instead of giving your Mum the usual presents you see in the shops, why not give her a gift that will last forever?  Most Mums don’t have the time to focus on the clothes and makeup they wear or the skincare products they use.  Often they have lost their confidence.  A gift from Colour4Life can give them the tools to create a look that makes them look great and feel fantastic.

Does your Mum always wear black?

When life gets busy we don’t have the time to focus on our wardrobe.  This can lead to people falling into a style rut, sticking to the safe options when it comes to the colour and style of their clothes.  Is this the case with your Mum?  Have you noticed that she always wears the same colours and styles?  One way to increase confidence is to have your eyes opened to the amazing spectrum of colours that suit your skin tone.  People often make assumptions about the colours they wear, sticking to black when they might look amazing in a vibrant red!

A Personal Colour Analysis session involves showing your Mum the colours that best suit her, giving her the tools to go out and find clothes that make her feel great.  Why not come together and make a day of it?  You could go shopping with your new found knowledge afterwards for an extra treat.  A Colour Analysis is an enjoyable, uplifting experience that allows a Mum to focus on herself, just for a little while and that is a wonderful gift for any busy parent!

Empower your Mum with Tropic Beauty

I am so excited to be an Ambassador for TROPIC skincare and make up.  Their products are such a treat to use and with natural, vegan friendly ingredients they make a great gift for any Mum.  If your Mum would like to find out about the products why not organise a free one to one mini facial or pamper experience for her and some friends?  This involves a skin consultation where she will discover which products best suit her.

TROPIC also offers an amazing range of products and gift sets that would make a lovely present.  These include amazing cleansers and hand creams, all packaged up to look incredible.  You can buy all their products directly from my shop.

Not sure what to get?

If you are unsure whether your Mum would prefer a colour analysis or a pamper experience then why not get a Colour4Life gift voucher?  This can be used for any of our services and products and gives your Mum the freedom to decide what she would like most.  Contact me to find out more.

Make your Mum feel special

Mothers Day is a great opportunity to say thank you to your Mum.  We believe that every woman should have the chance to look and feel their best.  Knowing the right colours to wear and the make up and products that really suit you can transform your life!  What better gift to give to your Mum this Mothers Day?  Give them the chance to treat themselves and give them the tools so they can feel great all year.