As Summer finally comes to an end our thoughts turn from holiday outfits and cocktails to getting back to work!  With Autumn approaching now is a great time to rethink your work wardrobe. After the Summer lull are you reenergised to focus on your career? Maybe you are going to go for a promotion or want to change jobs completely. How you present yourself at work can have a big impact on achieving your ambitions. However, our work clothes are often the most uninspiring items in our wardrobes and finding an outfit for work every day can feel like a chore!

With women now feeling more empowered in the workplace, this is the perfect time to ensure your work wardrobe reflects your personality and your ambition.  So what do you need to think about when overhauling your work wardrobe?

Dress to impress

First impressions still count for a lot in the workplace.  How you dress and present yourself sends a clear message to the people you meet before you say a word.  This is not about wearing expensive designer clothes but rather wearing clothes that make you feel strong and in control.  Feeling good in what you are wearing gives you the confidence to face any business situation head on, whether that is meeting potential clients or an interview.  The old saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is still relevant today. A polished work wardrobe should show that you take yourself and your work seriously.  Looking professional, impressive and smart can give you strength, especially if you are the only woman in a room! “Looking the part” is about dressing for you, not other people. It shows that you care, that you respect yourself and your career.

Use colour with confidence

We often feel restricted with our work clothes.  Sometimes the need to be professional and smart means we rarely branch out from safe colours, such as black and navy. You don’t have to shy away from bold colours and prints with your work wardrobe. Even in a very corporate environment a splash of colour can add a hint of personality to your work outfits.  If you are going to rethink your work wardrobe it is important to know what colours suit you best. It could be that you are constantly wearing black and it doesn’t really suit you at all!  A personal colour analysis helps you discover the wow colours and neutral shades that make you look great.  You can then build up your work wardrobe based on your new colour knowledge, to create stylish looks that make you look and feel great. Check out my Facebook page to see for yourself the difference a colour analysis can make.

Create a capsule work wardrobe

None of us has as much time to get ready for work in the morning as we would like! By creating a workwear capsule wardrobe you can invest in a few key pieces that can be mixed and match effortlessly.  You want to create a wardrobe containing chic separates with stylish tailoring and a smart look.  A tailored dress can look just as professional as a suit and a well fitting skirt and tailored trousers are key buys.  Midi skirts can look creative and colourful combined with a smart shirt and a pencil skirt and a silk shirt is a classic look that always looks great. A smart tailored jacket or blazer can pull together any outfit but be wary of double breasted styles as these can make you look bigger than you are.  For Winter a great coat is required to finish the look, consider a classic trench that will go with everything.  Block heels make smart but comfortable work shoes and invest in a stylish structured bag that can hold everything you need.

If all this sounds daunting I can help you with a Personal Shopping Experience.  I can guide you towards items that suit your colouring.  Rather than being overwhelmed by all the clothes on offer I can steer you towards the items that will build a fabulous work wardrobe.  By investing in expert advice you can save time and money and make sure you look fantastic.

Take inspiration from celebrities

Celebrities can help us find inspiration for our work wardrobe.  Amal Clooney is a great example of someone who uses colour and style to great effect but always means business!  She doesn’t shy away from colour or pattern but always looks in control and smart.  We may not have her designer wardrobe but she clearly shows that workwear doesn’t have to be boring.  Victoria Beckham is another example of how to look great. She always looks incredibly stylish and uses smart tailoring to pull together her look.

How can I help you?

If you feel like you need a workwear wardrobe revamp I am here to help.  If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but not sure how to pull them together to create a work wardrobe my wardrobe weeding service can help.

lipstickA personal colour analysis will help you identify the colours that really suit your skin tone.  Seeing for yourself the difference certain colours make to your appearance can really boost your confidence. No colour analysis is complete without a  a make over using the amazing TROPIC makeup range.  I can highlight the best foundation for you and the lipstick shades that will make you look fantastic.  Armed with the knowledge that you gain from a colour analysis you can start to build a stylish work wardrobe that shows everyone that you mean business!

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