About ten years ago whilst on holiday in a spa hotel in Staffordshire I was lucky enough to have my colours done – something I’d wanted for a number of years, but never got around to… That day was to change my life, literally!

I was treated to a lovely session which was all about me – a real treat. During the consultation, I learned which colours would suit me, not only for my clothes, but for my make up too.  I had never before considered that my skin tone would need a lovely salmon pink, rather than a baby pink (which I had worn for years, along with black…) It has never occurred to me that the baby pink was washing me out, whereas the salmon pink was giving me a gorgeous glow.


Well, I was hooked!

I have a passion for helping people feel great about themselves and being able to show them how to help restore their energy and feel fantastic.

I had been considering leaving my corporate role within the drinks industry, which I had done for a number of years as my priorities were changing with two young sons to look after. My consultant also talked to me about my Lifestyle which really piqued my interest.  We did what is known as the Lifestyle Analysis.  This showed just how healthy I was (or wasn’t in my case).  Basically this test showed me where my potential weaknesses were.  I decided to try the supplements that it looked like my body needed.  I’ve been using Nature’s Sunshine Products ever since and can honestly say I’ve never felt so healthy and always seem to have lots of energy. The benefits are amazing! It was a lightbulb moment.

I wanted to make people feel how that lovely colour consultant had made me feel that day, Fantastic! I researched becoming a colour analysis consultant and natural health advisor; and was lucky enough to be able to take voluntary redundancy from my job. I trained in 2008 and the rest is history.

If you would like to get away from black and experience how colours can help you look great and discover how to feel fantastic from the inside get in touch.