Mother’s Day Gift – Think Colour4Life!

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Often it is hard to think of a new and inventive gift for our Mums for Mother’s Day.  It seems a bit boring to always go for flowers and chocolates!  Do you often wish you could give a present to your Mum that would last longer than a week or so?  Why not buy Colour4Life gift vouchers that you Mum can use to buy any of our services and products.  This includes colour consultations, make up and Captain Tortue clothing.


A colour consultation changes the way we shop and view colour

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A colour consultation with Colour4Life can change the way you look, feel and shop for the rest of your life. What Mum wouldn’t want that!  A colour analysis is a real treat and a chance for busy, hard working Mums to take time out and pamper themselves for a change.  It can be a real confidence booster for Mums who are always looking after everyone else.

We all have clothers in our wardrobes that we rarely wear, or make up that we have purchased only to realise it doesn’t suit us.  Having the chance to find out what colours suit your skin tone and what make up works best for you makes expensive shopping mistakes and the days of saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ a distant memory!  So rather than buy your Mum a new top or make up that might not be right for her, give her the tools to make shopping a real pleasure.

A colour consultation is an hour and a half session which identifies the colours that enhance skin tone, hair and eye colour.  You will discover the colours that make you look and feel younger, brighter and healthier!

Stuck in a make up rut?

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It is incredible the difference wearing the right shade of foundation can make to your overall appearance, with many women finding out that they have been wearing the wrong colour for years!  Wearing the right lipstick can also transform your look.  Gift vouchers can be used to purchase any make up from the range.  It may be that your Mum has bought products from Colour4Life before and needs a top up, making our gift vouchers a great choice.

Transform your wardrobe with Captain Tortue Clothing

little miss captain springCaptain Tortue clothing is a range of high quality, stylish clothing will help you look great and feel fantastic.  The range is not available on the High Street or online, meaning you can purchase items that are different to everyone else.  I am able to advise which items suit your colouring and style and you are able to come and view the clothes.  You are able to have a personal shopping experience, rather than fighting the crowds at the shops.  You can get some friends together and have a Show where I can highlight all the new looks available.  The Spring/Summer Collections have just been released with some stunning pieces to make you shine.  Gift vouchers can be used to purchase any clothing from the range.

Buy gift vouchers now!

So what are you waiting for?  You can purchase gift vouchers here on the website for any of our products and services.  Purchases can be collected from us to avoid a delivery charge. Please Contact Us for any further information.

So why not make this make this Mother’s Day one to remember. You could make it a family event and have a consultation too!  Or organise a Captain Tortue Show for all your female family and friends  It’s a great opportunity to spend time together.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.




Clothes Shopping for Spring & Summer

For many shopping for clothes is a wonderful experience, wandering around the shops looking for something that is just right to add to your wardrobe.  However for many shopping is no fun at all!  There are crowds and queues and traffic to contend with, which is often followed by the disappointment of not being able to find anything that looks good.Personal Shopping with Captain Tortue

Personal Shopping without going shopping!

Wouldn’t it be nice to view and try on clothes in your own home or somewhere locally?  Rather than battle the crowds you can sit with friends and try items on in a relaxed environment.  That is the experience I offer with the Captain Tortue range of clothing.  This range of quality, stylish pieces can not be found on the High Street and is filled with gorgeous items. It is so much nicer to view clothes without the hassle that shopping often entails.

What clothes suit you?Captain Tortue & Colour4Life

One big problem we all face when shopping is finding clothes that really suit us.  We may be swayed by the trends in the magazines or be drawn to certain colours.  Often we get stuck in a style rut, always wearing the same type of clothes and colours because it is safe and easy.  Sometimes we don’t have the confidence to embrace different styles and colours.  With my experience as a colour consultant I can help you find the right clothes for you from the Captain Tortue collections. I will be able to advise you on the colours that suit you and the styles that compliment your body shape.  I can open your eyes to different options and help you find the outfits that make you feel great.

Wardrobe advice

Many women come to me as they feel they have a wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear.  With the Captain Tortue range I can compile a capsule wardrobe for you so you have clothing for all occasions.  I can put pieces together that compliment each other so you never have to worry about not having anything to wear.  If you are going on holiday and need a set of clothes for the trip I can put together a holiday wardrobe that will ensure you look stylish wherever you go.

Gorgeous clothes

The Captain Tortue range is full of wonderful items that suit all ages and body shapes.  From the latest trends to twists on the classics there really is something for everyone.  The wardrobes staples such as jeans are top quality and the colours and the prints on the dresses and tops really pop.  Check out the Look Books for details of the collection. Miss Trend, Miss Captain & Little Miss Captain (petite).  Sizes range from 6 – 24.


Miss Trend Reversible Printed Top with Side Stripe cotton stretch trousers

Find out more – Please Contact Me if you would like to arrange a 1:1 or a get together with some friends.

Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

I’m excited to have the opportunity to do another Fashion Show with the fabulous new Captain Tortue Spring/Summer Collection.

Next Thursday 9th March, I will be at Thornbury Castle for a Fashion Show at 6.30pm.  Colour4Life & Captain Tortue Fashion Show

Models will be showing outfits from the Miss Captain, Little Miss Captain (petite), Miss Captain Trend and Java ranges.    Click on the LookBooks for a preview of the clothes

The spirit of the Mediterranean inspires the Miss Captain Collection.   LOOKS YOU WILL LOVE.  Miss Trend, Little Miss Captain and JAVA, Activewear and Loungewear.  The looks are  creative and sophisticated for confident women. (Available in sizes 6 to 24).

Your opportunity to start planning your spring and summer wardrobe and hear hints and tips on how to make the designs perfect for your personal style.

Why not come along with a friend for a lovely evening of fashion and dinner @ £35 per person.

Arrive at 6.30 pm for tea/coffee and biscuits in the Thornbury Castle Boyling House, followed by the Fashion Show in the Tudor Hall. The Show is followed by a two course meal with a glass of house wine.

Bridal Make Up – Look your best for your big day

Are you a bride planning your big day?  There is so much to think about and spend money on from the flowers to the venue to the dress.  Hiring a make up artist to do your bridal make up can be another expense that you can ill afford.  But actually you may look the best you can, by doing your make up yourself, after some tuition and guidance; and save money too!  I can provide a pre-wedding make up lesson that will teach you about the colours and techniques you will need so you can do your own make up beautifully.

If it’s good enough for royalty!

Take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book.  She is not someone who needed to worry about the cost of her wedding, yet she insisted that she knew her own face and that she didn’t think a make up artist could do a better job. She was rumoured to have had a series of private make up lessons prior to the wedding. On the day Kate chose a smoky eye and a pink blusher that matched her shade of lipstick.  She looked incredible without a professional make up artist.Kate Middleton wedding makeup

You want to still look like yourself on your wedding day but the best version of yourself, more polished.  You don’t want a heavily made up look that looks like you are ready for a night on the town or look so different that your Groom doesn’t recognise you!  Your wedding day is your big moment and all eyes will be on you, you want to feel confident and amazing.

Colour is key

Colour is a vital part of your wedding make up because you need enough colour to compensate for the whiteness of your dress or to compliment your dress if you have chosen a non traditional colour.  Your wedding dress is very different to your everyday clothes and this is where my knowledge and experience of colours and how they will suit your skin tone will be key.  During the tutorial I can advise on the best make up colours to suit you.  With a wide range of eye shadows and lipsticks available, from plum tones to rose hues, I can find the right look.  You want to look stylish and eye catching but beware of following the latest trends too closely, remember you will be looking at these photos for a long time!

Which look is right for you?

Bridal MakeupThere are so many looks to choose from and it is important that your bridal make up reflects you. If you wear little or minimal make up then a natural look with cleverly applied neutral tones or an English rose look, which includes soft pinks and a hint of shimmer may be best for you.  This is great if you want to take your classic daytime look to the next level.  A peachy look can be good if you want more than the natural tones.  If you wear more make up day to day or have a distinctive look, such as a retro feel, or you are a fashion forward fashionista, I will guide you on how to create the best result for you.

Many brides find that they are better off doing their own make up as you feel more comfortable and more like you! We all know it can feel a bit strange to have our make up done for us, by doing it yourself but with my advice and tuition you are likely to achieve the best results.

There are lots of make up tips out there.  I can help you create the look that will make you shine on the most important day of your life. Contact me today for more information on my bridal make up tutorials.

What is your Christmas day style?

Every family has it’s Christmas traditions.  Some people use Christmas as the opportunity to get their large family together for a big party whilst others use it as a chance to meet up with friends.  Some people would rather shut the door on the world and snuggle up with a good film.  What your plans are and your traditions will affect your Christmas day style and outfit choice.  So are you a stylish hostess wearing a sparkly dress? Or do you enjoy a festive style blowout with your novelty jumper and Santa hat?  Whatever your style, read on to discover what outfits are available to make your Christmas day complete.

Stylish Christmas Day Style

For some, Christmas Day is the chance to really dress up and add some sparkle to your look.  If you are the hostess for a large Christmas get together you may want to make a real effort for the occasion.  Christmas Day is a great excuse to buy a new outfit, get dressed up and feel great.  A bit of Christmas sparkle is always a good thing to get you in the mood to really celebrate.  Captain Tortue has a wonderful sparkly Christmas dress that looks fantastic but is also comfy after too many mince pies!  If you want to go for all out sparkle the dress from & Other Stories is lovely.  For a smart look with less sparkle, velvet is a great option and very on trend.  I like this one from Debenhams, which is a gorgeous colour.

Classy and Comfy Christmas Day style

If you don’t like to go all out on Christmas day but still want to look stylish there are lots of outfit options.  A gorgeous snuggly jumper and smart, but comfy jeans or jeggings could be the key.  Captain Tortue have some great knitwear options available and some great scarfs to add to your outfit!  I think this is a great choice of look for Christmas day because you aren’t compromising on style but you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.  This is great if you have overindulged over dinner!

Relaxed Christmas Day Style

At the other end of the scale from the stylish hostess who pulls out all the stops on Christmas Day is the stay at home relaxed look.  Maybe for you Christmas Day isn’t about the glitz and sparkle it is about closing the door to the outside world and truly relaxing with loved ones.  There is no better way to do that than in lovely loungewear and pyjamas.  Captain Tortue has a dreamwear collection that is perfect for this style option, so you can put on the fire, turn on the Christmas telly and relax.

Crazy Christmas Day Style!

So we have focussed so far on creating a stylish and classy look but maybe this isn’t you!  Are you all about the Christmas kitsch with one family member always dressing as Santa and everyone wearing silly hats?  The Christmas jumper has seen a resurgence in recent years, from the out there designs to the more subtle nods to the Christmas spirit!  These jumpers would be great paired with Captain Tortue jeggings for a great festive look.

How can I help?

We often go out a lot more at Christmas time and as a result need more outfits.   This situation can highlight the fact that we feel we have nothing to wear!  If you don’t know where to start with your Christmas style come and see me for a Personal Colour Analysis.  This session will show you what colours suit you and can change the way you view clothes in the future, enabling you to focus on the colours and clothes to suit you.  If you would like to view the Captain Tortue range of clothes just contact me for a viewing.  I can advise you about which clothes from the range would be perfect for you.

So get planning your Christmas outfits so you look great and feel fantastic on the day.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! Creating a transitional wardrobe

It only feels like a few weeks ago we were digging out our flip flops and Summer clothes for what we hoped would be a scorching hot Summer!  Now, with the evenings already getting darker it is time to transition our clothes from Summer to Autumn/Winter.  This is a great time of year to re-evaluate your wardrobe, take stock and make sure all the clothes in your wardrobe are perfect for the season ahead.  So where do you start?

Out with the old!

With the changing of the season now is the perfect time to reassess your wardrobe.  The best thing to do is to start by getting everything out.  That in itself will probably show you how many clothes you have accumulated!  Take each piece and think about whether you have worn it at all in the last few months.  Ask yourself, does wearing this item bring me joy and make me feel good?  If not, get rid of it.  A good question to ask about each piece is, if you saw it a shop now, would you buy it?  Be brutal, don’t keep things on the off chance you may wear it again.  Sometimes items that were expensive are hard to part with but if you are not wearing it there is no point keeping it.  Think of a friend who might like it and make their day by giving the item a new home.  By getting all your clothes out in this way you may discover you have one too many black t shirts, for example, so it may be time to rethink your basics.  If all you have are black t shirts you could mix things up a bit with greys and browns, depending on your skin tone.

If you feel overwhelmed by this task and just don’t know where to start I can help.  I offer a Wardrobe weeding service. I will help you assess what you have, find any gaps in your clothes and show you how to put outfits together, as well as help you get rid of all the clothes that you don’t need.

So once you have weeded your wardrobe what do you need to do to ensure your wardrobe is Autumn ready?

It’s all about the layers!

It’s tough in Autumn when it’s not quite cold enough for big woolly jumpers but no longer warm enough for short sleeved tops either.  Layering is the key to transitional season dressing.  Long sleeved mesh tops are a great item for this as they are light enough to wear under dresses but not too heavy that you get too hot and can really set off an outfit.  A great cardigan or poncho layered over an outfit can add extra warmth when needed.  Captain Tortue have great mesh tops in black and red and a gorgeous poncho that would go with everything.

autumn poncho autumn cardigan autumn cardigan

Invest in a great scarf

A scarf is another great way to layer an outfit, allowing you to adjust your clothes as the temperature changes.  Wearing the right scarf in the best colours for you can really finish off an outfit, making sure you look stylish and can keep up with the weather!  Again Captain Tortue have some great Autumn styles to complete your wardrobe.  If you always struggle to make a scarf look right then a snood is a great, easy option.

navy-scarf red-snood-scarf snood-scarf

Don’t just stick to black tights

The change in season is a good time to check on the quality of your tights and buy new ones if they are starting to look tatty.  Don’t just plump for black tights though, think about the colours in your wardrobe and the colours that suit you and maybe experiment with different shades.  Captain Tortue offer a range of tights to compliment your outfit.

Get the right colour winter coatcoat

A Winter coat is a big investment and you will wear it practically every day through the season so it is important that you love it but also that the colour suits your skin tone.  If you have a Winter colouring the Captain Tortue coat is perfect.  If you are an Autumn or Spring go for a navy or brown option. Or opt for a bright colour to liven up those dark winter nights.

Find out what suits you

If you are re assessing your wardrobe and looking at your Autumn/Winter clothes now is the perfect time to find out what colours suit you and use that information to build up the best wardrobe of clothes for you.  Having a colour consultation can be life changing and would make weeding your wardrobe so much easier and help you find the best winter coat for you.  Knowing the colour palette that suits you will inform all your buying decisions in the future so you never end up with a wardrobe of clothes you don’t wear again!

If you would like to view the Captain Tortue range of clothes just let me know.  If you have a few friends who would like to view them together book a show with me and I can show you which items will look best on you.

So wrap up and ensure you go into the new season looking great and feeling fantastic!




How to create the perfect capsule makeup bag

With the trend for a capsule wardrobe grabbing attention, as detailed in last months blog, this month we are turning our attention to your makeup bag.  If you are embracing the capsule concept when it comes to your clothes then you will want your makeup bag to be streamlined too.  Again the focus is on finding out what you really need and what makeup suits you.

Full to the brim makeup bags

Most women have makeup bags dotted around their bedrooms and bathrooms full of various make up products.  The lipstick that was supposed to be the next big thing, the miracle foundation, the eyeshadow palette in a pretty box.  Often these products are half used or so old we can’t even remember when we bought them!  Not only that, there is no way all the different shades of foundation, eye shadows and lipsticks really suit us.  So it’s time to organise your makeup bag so it is no longer full of old, half used products and instead contains a versatile range of products that work for you, meaning you will never make wasteful purchases again.make-up-1376997_1920

If you don’t wear it, bin it!

The first job is to get rid of all the products that are old, expired, broken, damaged or dried up.  Be strict, if you haven’t used it in a long time you don’t need it.  Make sure you find all the makeup lurking in bathroom cupboards and drawers too.  It might be an idea to spread all the products out on your bed to give you a good idea of what you have.  You may be shocked at how many pink lipsticks you have or blushers that you never use!  At this point it is vital to remember you only have one face and there is no need for an endless supply of products!  I know it is hard to throw things away when you have spent money on them but if they are not right for you they will never be used.  If some of the makeup is in good condition you could give to a friend.

Now find out the makeup that is right for you

makeup colour analysisStarting again with your makeup is a great time to find out what really suits you.  A personal colour analysis with me will show you what colours suit you and the make up that best compliments your skin tone.  Alternatively why not come for a one hour makeup lesson where I teach you how to apply makeup properly and show you which makeup products are right for you.  The makeup in your capsule make up bag has to work for you and not follow the latest fad.   You can get rid of all the lipsticks that don’t look right and the foundation that makes you look orange!

So, what makeup products do you need?

Now you need to build up your makeup from your must have daily products.  You must only keep the items that you can’t live without.  The following products can form a capsule makeup bag.

  • Foundation – Did you know there are warm and cool shades of foundation and it depends on your skin tone as to which shade is right for you?

    Foundation makeup

    Range of foundations available

  • Concealer – Again this must suit your skin tone.
  • Eye shadow – This is probably the product you have a lot of, from presents to the latest fad.  It is vital your eyeshadow matches your eyes and skin tone.  Nearly every woman who goes for a makeup consultation in a large store will be recommended brown eyeshadow and although this looks great on people with an autumn skin tone, on a cool complexion it can make you look tired.  Brown is often seen as a safe bet but it isn’t always.  Cool skin tones should stick to blues and pinks with warm skin tones focussing on yellow/gold tones.
    Eye shadows for cool skintones makeup

    Eye shadows for cool skintones


  • Eye pencil – The default option for most people with eye pencils is a black or brown.  Although cool skin tones can stick with the black, warmer tones should think about trying a green for a change.  This small change can have a massive impact on your look.
  • Mascara – Again many women do not look past their trusty black mascara, however for warm skin tones brown is a better fit.
  • Blusher – Don’t just go for pink with your blusher.  Cool skin tones do look great in the rose hues but warmer tones should focus more on earthy tones.
  • Lipstick – Your lipstick can set off your look.  A brilliant pink on a Winter skin tone for example can lift a whole look.  For Autumn and Spring colourings corals, peach and copper colours will look fantastic.

    Great lipstick shades available makeup

    Great lipstick shades available

  • Lip liner – Don’t forget a lip liner to define your mouth in a suitable colour.


Look great, feel fantastic

Overhauling your makeup bag and discovering what suits you will change your look and the way you feel.  Not only will you get rid of that bulging makeup bag full of old, half used products but by taking the time to find out what really suits you, you can look good at all times and enjoy the confidence that brings.  Just by wearing the right foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick to compliment your complexion can lift your whole look.  You will only have to replace products when they run out rather then making wasteful purchases, which means you can spend more on quality products.  What  are you waiting for, out with the old and in the new!

Contact me to book a makeup lesson or personal colour analysis.




How a capsule wardrobe could change your life

How long do you take to decide what to wear in the morning?

You know what it’s like, you have work to get to and kids to get to school and you stand in front of your wardrobe paralysed by indecision!  You have a wardrobe full of clothes but can’t find anything you want to wear.  Researchers from Simon Jersey have found that women spend more than an hour of each week deciding what to wear for work, at weekends and for nights out, with the average woman spending almost five months of her working life choosing what to wear! Over the average year, this amounts to the equivalent of almost three days – and almost 20 weeks between the ages of 18 and 65!

This has led to a growing trend towards a capsule wardrobe, streamlining your clothes so you always have something to wear and removing indecision.

Nothing to wear

Why convert to a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe does not mean you have to wear the same thing every day, although some people do go that far, it is rather that you have a set of clothes that work for any occasion.  So why change the way you dress?

  • Fewer decisions – With so many decisions to make every day the removal of just one of them, what to wear each day, can lead to better productivity.  Barack Obama states, “You’ll see I wear only grey or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”
  • Less time wasted – By removing indecision in the morning you will have more time to get ready for the day.
  • Less stress – By having a capsule wardrobe full of appropriate outfits you will worry less about your appearance.
  • Less wasted energy – Large wardrobes require more decision making but also more organisation! A capsule wardrobe is easier to maintain and could give you more storage.
  • Less expense – We all have purchases in our wardrobes that we never wear, a capsule wardrobe removes waste and stops us making “trial and error” purchases.
  • You feel more stylish – With a capsule wardrobe you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love to wear.  Yes, you have fewer choices but all your clothes will be amazing and versatile, leading to you feeling more confident.


What you need in your capsule wardrobe

So you want to convert to a capsule wardrobe, what kind of items do you need to make it work?

Captain Tortue have some lovely pieces that can form part of a capsule wardrobe.

Captain Tortue have some lovely pieces that can form part of a capsule wardrobe.

  • Quality – It’s a better investment to purchase quality items that will last.  Quality clothing can also make your day to day outfits look more expensive.
  • Variety – You need a mix of classic and trend driven items to suit any occasion.
  • Function – You want clothes that are beautiful but also practical, so clothes that are appropriate for the workplace, for example.
  • Versatile – You need pieces that will work for multiple occasions.  It is easier to get dressed in the morning when you have plenty of options that can be mixed and matched and dressed up or down.
  • Personality – Even though you are streamlining your wardrobe it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Your clothes should always be a reflection of your personal style.


It may be that you have a lot of items in your wardrobe already that could form part of your capsule wardrobe, you just need to find them!  My Wardrobe Weeding service can help you identify which pieces in your wardrobe you should keep and expand on.

Don’t avoid colour

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be a dull wardrobe as colour is an important part of our clothing choices.  In fact a recent study has found that wearing colour in the workplace can lead to payrises and promotions.  Wearing colour makes us feel better and more confident.

The study showed that one in 25 of 2,000 workers quizzed say they earn £10,000 or more per year than they would otherwise due to investing in attractive clothes with a splash of colour. With one in three people saying they felt more positive when they wore brighter, colourful clothing and a quarter saying it made them more confident. Rebecca Alford, marketing manager at Case Station, who conducted the study said, “The psychology of colour has long been used in business, but only recently has it moved into areas individual workers have the power to control.” 

However it must be said that it is important that you are wearing the right colours to suit your skin tone.  That is why having a Colour Analysis is vital to ensure that the colours within your capsule wardrobe are right for you.colour swatch

So what are you waiting for?  Decrease the indecision in your life and give yourself more time in the morning by creating a capsule wardrobe.  Ensure you look stylish and feel confident every day with a great selection of quality clothes.

If you would like more information about any of my services or would like to view the Captain Tortue clothing range, please Contact Me.

The Colour advice you need to find the perfect wedding outfit

Do you have an important wedding this Summer?  You may be the all important mother of the bride or the sister of the groom.  It could be that you will be seeing friends you have not seen for years.  All good reasons why you will want to look your best.  Not only that, in the 24/7 social media world it is likely that you will be tagged in pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  No one wants to look at those photos and cringe!  We know that the bride is the main attraction at a wedding but that doesn’t stop us wanting to look our best in our chosen wedding outfit.colour swatch

It can be stressful wandering round the shops looking at countless dresses and not knowing what to choose.  This is where colour analysis comes in.  By finding out what colours suit your skin tone you can use your colour swatch to find the best outfits for you.  You will be able to discount the colours that don’t work and find the one dress that makes you look fantastic.  If you are an Autumn skin tone, stay away from bright pink!  If you are a winter steer away from orange tones.  This knowledge makes shopping so much easier and ensures that you look good in those all important photos!

Mother of the bride

mother of the brideYour child is getting married!  While this is an exciting time you will no doubt be anxious that you look your best on their big day.  Colour analysis can help you find the colours that suit you and if you know the colour the bridesmaids are wearing we can find colours that co ordinate with them.  We would also look at the makeup that would best suit your skintone and I will give advice on application to ensure you feel confident and fabulous on the big day.  There are so many styles of dresses to choose from, I can help find the right one for you.

Wedding guest style

wedding outfit

Great vintage style dress from French Connection, as seen in Grazia. Great for warm skin tones.

All weddings have a different style, maybe your friend is getting married at a grand country manor or it might be a smart city wedding.  You want your outfit to fit in with your surroundings and you need to consider this when choosing your outfit.  A floaty floral dress will suit a rural setting but not look as good at a sleek city venue.  Also, is the wedding outside?  If you are going to be spending a British Summer’s day in a marquee you may want to think about an appropriate coat/cover up to keep you warm.  Once you know what colours work for you finding an outfit becomes so much easier.  Stores such as John Lewis have a great selection of outfits.  It is important to stay true to your own unique sense of style within the colour spectrum that you shine in.

Here comes the bride

brideLast but no means least if you are a bride this year do you know the right tone of white for you?  A strong white wedding dress will not suit all skin tones, warmer tones would benefit from more of a cream shade.  In addition if you want to follow Kate Middleton’s lead and do your own make up on your big day I can tailor a make up session for you to create your own bridal look.

A wedding is a joyous fun day to celebrate with friends and family.  By having a colour consultation you can enjoy shopping for that all important outfit and feel happy and confident on the day that you look fantastic.  Contact me for more information.

Combat Stress the Natural Way

April sees the beginning of Stress Awareness Month.  During April health professionals join forces to raise public awareness of the causes and possible cures for stress.

What causes stress?

We all suffer from stress to some degree.  Some stresses involve huge life changing events such as getting married, moving house, having a baby or suffering a bereavement.  But there are also the everyday worries relating to work, our friends and our children that can build up in our minds, sometimes to a point where they feel like they will overwhelm us. Especially in today’s modern world of constant connectivity it is often hard to switch off.  At the end of the day we can no longer shut the world out because our phones are still beeping with emails and social media updates!

How does stress affect us?

stressEveryone reacts differently to stress, so a situation that one person breezes through may cause significant anxiety to another.  When a stress reaction takes over you can actually lose the ability to solve the issue in hand and it can affect your life and your health dramatically.  Common health issues associated with stress are sleep issues, loss of appetite and difficulty in concentrating.  Thoughts can swim around in your head giving you headaches or muscle pain.

Prolonged emotional stress can lead to a breakdown in health and can increase the need for certain nutrients as it alters your metabolic process.  During times of pressure the nervous system uses extra B complex and C vitamins.  These vitamins are in high demand in our bodies but they often get lost in the cooking process and can easily be wasted by the body as they are water soluble. Therefore it is important they are replenished every day.

What can you do to help?

Unfortunately we cannot eradicate stress from our lives.  There will always be problems that need to be faced so we could all do with finding ways to manage stress and ease the effect it has on our bodies.  Breathing exercises, regular exercise and mindfulness are all useful ways of alleviating the feeling of stress, however there are no quick fixes.

Why not try Nurti-calm?

A great way to help revitalise your body when you are feeling stressed is by using Nutri-calm.  This a a natural product to help your body combat the effects of stress.  When your body goes into the Flight of Fight response mode your body can become depleted of essential vitamins and Nutri-calm can help you stay settled and calm.nutri-calm

Nutri-calm provides plentiful levels of vitamin C and a range of B Complex vitamins and camomile, providing nutrients for your overworked nervous system and brain, replenishing vitamins that have been depleted during stressful situations.  It also contains Biotin which maintains the normal functions of the body’s organ tissues and systems.

Nutri-calm can contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and help you to feel like you again.  It is also yeast and dairy free making it suitable for vegetarians.

It is important that we don’t let stress rule our lives.  We all want to be healthy and happy and be able to deal with everything life throws at us as best we can.  Nutri-calm can become part of your routine to make sure you can face life calmly and confidently.  It can be purchased online from my website or please contact me for more information.