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How Healthy Are You?

I was asked this question over six years ago, when I discovered Nature’s Sunshine Products. I took the Lifestyle Analysis Test and was shocked at how accurate the results were!

It had predicted exactly how I felt: stressed, no energy, difficulty in digesting certain foods, the list went on… I tried the Daily Nutrition Products and the amazing Nutricalm (which is designed to help us settle when life becomes too much of a challenge). I then re-did the test three months later and was amazed at the difference – I really had started to feel fantastic!

The Lifestyle Analysis test is QUICK, EASY & ACCURATE. It’s a simple tick test that takes just a few minutes to complete.  It was developed by Nature’s Sunshine’s own team of health specialists, enabling you to spot potential health problems early on and giving you the opportunity to restore balance to each system.

Here I am ten years later and I wouldn’t be without these incredible products – I want you to feel as fantastic as I do!

Why do we need DAILY NUTRITION?

There are many reasons why a balanced diet may not provide us with all the nutrients we need to obtain optimum health. Our food may not be as nutritious as it once was, due to intensive farming practices, manufacturing methods and storage processes.

If you’re new to the idea of using supplements our Daily Nutrition products are a really good place to start. They’re designed to help you get the right amounts of Protein, Fibre, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids to keep your body in great condition every day.


These are the Daily Nutrition Products that I take and wouldn’t be without:

PEA PROTEIN –  Great Tasting Protein Shake with added greens, a fantastic low carbohydrate combination that is free from dairy, gluten and lactose, and contains NO saturated fat or cholesterol.

VITAMIN D – The Sunshine Vitamin. Helps the development and maintenance of bones and teeth; and absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.

SUPER OMEGA 3EPA – Helps the body maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Provides building blocks for healthy skin and cell membranes throughout the body.

ZAMBROZA – A synergistic blend of ten powerful ingredients providing you with a powerhouse of antioxidants.  Zambroza is scientifically formulated and independently tested and is now proven to be the pre-eminent antioxidant drink on the market.