Help to make you feel confident and attractive!

Are you stuck in a rut with your make up? Would you like some help and advice on which make up best suits you and how to apply it?

Us ladies are never taught how to put on make up, we usually find our own style when we are in our 20’s and then keep wearing the same make up all our life!

Understanding which colours and styles best suit you will help to ensure you look your best at all times. Your face is your focal point and make-up provides the perfect finishing touch.


When used effectively, make-up can make an astounding difference to the way you look.

Make up should be used to enhance skin colouring, never to cover it up or change it.  Your cosmetics need to be right for your personality and colouring.  You should always wear make up that suits the occasion and environment and ensure it is always well applied.

Once you have learnt how to choose and use make-up successfully, it will be your friend for life!  I use Tropic makeup which are gorgeous natural products to suit all skin tones.  After your session you will be able to buy your favourite products.