I just wanted to say thank you so much for my consultation on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and found it so helpful.
I have already worn my new Captain Tortue coat too, and also the skirt…I feel great in them. I would like to order the lipliner (nutmeg) and lipstick (clover) that you used on me. Thank you.

Emma Harvey, Bristol

I cannot remember over the years how I built up such anxiety over buying clothes, shoes or even make up. I don’t think I am alone.

I was introduced to Colour4life as a birthday gift – ‘Colour Analysis’. It took me until my following birthday to ‘brave’ it! The colour analysis gave me confidence to realise what colours suited me. Yes – there were colours that I had always instinctively chosen …. it was a revelation. I felt that I had been given a boost to my confidence – perhaps I was more ‘savvy’ in my presentation that I had previously thought?

Over the few years I realised that sadly – it wasn’t enough for me……

OK I now know what colours suit me. I don’t know what clothes suit me. I get extremely anxious thinking about ‘clothes’ shopping. The pressure builds when I have to focus on an occasion. I appreciate it sounds ridiculous for me to stress out over visiting a Friend & what to wear – I do! It get’s worse when I have to ‘stress out’ for finding an outfit for ‘The Company Christmas Party’. I have even had tears choosing a pair of winter boots in John Lewis!

Charlene introduced me to her new clothing line which I was very scared to look at! We decided via email that the choices she had in mind for me she would put to one side so that we could have a ‘trying on’ session at an arranged date.

I felt quite apprehensive about it. Charlene was respectful about my inhibitions. She handled seeing me in my knickers & my body as ‘just normal’ everyday occurrence! She appreciated that I just wanted to ‘try it on’ in a hurry. There were lots of ‘yes’. ‘No’. ‘Well, try this on’. ‘I can’t get this in your size’. ‘I can get this in your size’. ‘I can get this in another colour if you prefer’.

I was never felt to feel under any pressure to buy anything. Even in my knickers I felt confident in her company to say ‘NO’ to an item.

I now have my Christmas ‘Party’ outfit sorted. I am off on holiday in a few weeks (I always travel light) I have too many clothes to choose from to take with me!

If ‘You’ like to discuss fashion to the ‘enth degree’ Charlene can do this. Sorry – but I can’t vouch for it!

I’m yet to be brave enough for the ‘make – up’ experience!

I now feel that I don’t have to go ‘clothes shopping’ anymore. It’s so easy to email Charlene with either my remit or to ask her to consider me when she gets her new collection in.

Melissa, Somerset


Thank you for my colour analysis session today.  I sent a photo to my daughter who thought my makeup was amazing and so did my husband.  Both loved the lipstick colour too.  You have inspired me.  Thank you.

Paula, Chipping Sodbury

For the last few years I have been suffering from chronic migraines.

I have been using the Natures’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll every day and I said to my hubbie the other day I don’t seem to be getting any migraines and he agreed.

This is the only change I have made and I am convinced it is answer to the problem.

So anyway thank you so much for introducing me to it, I think it’s fab.

Helen, Thornbury
Liquid Chlorophyll

Straight away I was impressed and attracted to Charlene’s gentleness, expert knowledge, and her willingness to share this knowledge.
I had my first colour consultation done over 25 years ago and I was starting to feel limited, deciding to work with Charlene was such a good move, it opened up a whole new world for me and simplified my life, even more.
I have also used her First Impressions’s make up too. I just find it so easy, I know the colours suit me, it’s neat and compact thats all I need to take with me anywhere. Easy to buy replacement sections and at a good price too.
Another area of my life organised!
Thank you Charlene for all your help and support over the last few years
I confidently recommend Charlene 100% and have also recommend her to my clients, who are also delighted with the results.

Alison Armitage
- Interior expert,
Divine Living Space & Divine Clutterfree Space
First Impressions Compact


Thank you for our colour consultation with you yesterday. We had a really great time, learnt loads and are really excited about sorting out our wardrobes and investing in clothes that actually work for us! We thought you were fantastic – I have already recommended you to a couple of my friends who are interested in getting their colours done.

Katie and Lisa, Thornbury

My session with Charlene Moore, a colour analysis and image expert, was an eye opener for me in so many ways. I had heard of it before but had told myself in a rather know-it-all way that into your forties you KNOW what suits you and what doesn’t and it wouldn’t take a perfectly co-ordinated stranger to tell me otherwise.

How wrong could I be? Charlene is simply inspirational, welcoming you into her home without a shred of patronising, and making you feel nicely pampered. It is all about you.
Her approach is very much to let you ‘see’ for yourself. She doesn’t need to ‘tell’ you, she simply shows you – standing back as you begin to see things you have never taken the time to really notice before.  Thank you Charlene for making me step out of my box!

Ali Todd

Thanks for making us feel very welcome in your home, I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it. I’m now looking at clothes totally differently and spotting colours everywhere! I popped to the mall on Saturday on a shoe shopping trip for my two boys; while walking through John Lewis I was literally drawn to specific items. I’ve always found shopping quite tricky but now I feel like I’m starting to know what I’m doing a bit!

Heph, Thornbury